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THAT IS SO FUCKING NICE. Omg. I love it so much.
haha, thanks. do you need me to resize it for you or anything?
Umm. Can you make it so it's not so blurry when I put it full screen wallpaper thing? If you can do that. That would be so rad. Thanks. It's really really nice. =D
hmm. Can you do a bigger size? Like the biggest you can do? If not, that's okay. Thank alot. <3
Thank you soo much. That is perfect. I love it. =D
Can I add you? You're cool.
haha, yeah sure!
Okay. Add back.
oooh its beautiful! i absolutely love it. i added both you two, also.


mind if i use?
not at all.
use all you like!
=) thanks lady!
That is Amazing! <3
i knwo i am not even apart of the community but it was soooooo amazing i had to use it ! -squee-
those are awesome.

mind if i use the second one?
go right ahead!
thats fucking steller

oh yeah and comment on The Rocket listening to it right now